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From time to time SEF, Inc., offers promotions on our products and services. A listing of our current promotions can be found below.


Stack Of Paper

Whoops! We currently find ourselves with an overstock in certain paper grades.

If you have jobs that can be run on any of these items and while our supplies of these overstocked items remain in our inventory, we will produce these jobs for you with NO, read that Zero, mark-up on the stock portion of the job. Qualifying jobs will be priced as usual regarding labor and other materials but the paper will only be added at our actual cost per CWT (Hundred Weight).

Some of the overstocked items are colored 20# and 24# bond in sizes suitable for cut single sheet jobs. We also are overstocked in blue, green and gold carbonless and somehow our inventory control program allowed us to bring in way too much 26# CB carbonless.

Call today and let us show how we can save you some cash as we lower our inventory levels on these items.


This offer only applies to offset orders. We have no overstock in Digital papers.

Free Business Books

Not really a promotion just a freebie. offers many excellent titles in the PDF format that can be downloaded free of charge. Written by experts in their respective fields, they offer a painless and low cost way for you to increase your business savvy and effectiveness. With titles dealing with Microsoft Office, Photoshop, strategic thinking and sales, plus many more, they can be the secret weapon in your arsenal for staying up to date with the latest tools and concepts in business.
Note: Downloads require your email address which is used to periodically send you a listing of their latest titles.

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